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Regardless of the reasons you choose to smoke marijuana, we all recognize that it can leave a fairly pungent odor that tends to hang around for extended periods of time.


While smoking marijuana for medical use and even recreational use is becoming more mainstream and more states are moving toward legalization, the stigma associated with pot smoking is still an issue for a lot of consumers. offers a compact, natural remedy to all of your odor concerns.


The Newaire Plugin is designed to run continuously in rooms between 250 – 500 square feet to remove odors and remove air-borne particulate.


All of our ozone and hydroxyl products replicate what happens naturally in the environment outdoors when Mother Nature steps in.  Without the use of any chemicals, these state of the art technologies, like Nature herself, breaks down the odor molecule leaving only a fresh clean smell.


This a natural solution for eliminating marijuana and other troublesome odors completely and permanently, improving the overall air quality and most importantly protecting your privacy.

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Click on the photos of the products that hotels and property managers have used for the last three decades to eliminate a wide range of odors in apartments and hotel rooms.


The Newaire HG1500 Hydroxyl Generator can run continuously in occupied spaces, improving the air quality and keeping the area odor free 24/7.

The Queenaire Thunder-24 is designed to shock an area up to 1500 sq/ft. when the area can be vacant.

All of our products come with a full 30 day money back guaranty. For more information call us toll free 1-866-676-9663 or click on the link below to place an order.

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